Why did the Punjab Assembly claim Chandigarh?

Claiming Chandigarh, the Punjab Assembly has passed a resolution stating that how to make the capital of both the Union Territories of Punjab and Haryana, what did both the Central Governments of the states say on this!

The long-running dispute over Chandigarh and Punjab and Haryana has increased a lot this week because this discussion has been going on for a long time, as you all know Punjab and Chandigarh. Now the twenty separate states of Punjab and Haryana are its neighboring states, when the Central Government has notified the Central School for the employees of the Union Territory in addition to the service rules, any recruitment can be done in any state other than Punjab Haryana While discussing this, the Punjab Assembly spoke medicine on the Union Territory! At the same time, while passing the resolution of all property, he said so!

As you all would know that Shimla was made the temporary capital of Punjab after the assembly it was decided however with Jawaharlal Nehru to make Lahore the capital of Punjab for which he needed a modern city which Where is he while imagining his thoughts on Chandigarh? In 1948, the Punjab government had acquired 22 villages from Bad for the central advisory city and the government had also established compensation to the residents there!
Chandigarh was established as the capital of Punjab in 1952. Either one’s belongings or became the common capital of both the states of Punjab and Haryana, the two states were divided in the ratio of 60:40 between the two states.

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